Training Schutzhund

Schutzhund Dog Training

Schutzhund training is a sport that developed in Germany in the early twentieth century for way to test various German Shepherd breeds for potential use as police dogs. As opposed to using a dog’s physical appearance as means of identifying whether the dog would be effective, Schutzhund allowed trainers to locate the very best suited dogs for the job. Today, numerous breeds are permitted to take part in Schutzhund ttraining, though very few dogs truly pass.

The basic principles of Schutzhund Training

Schutzhund training is a extremely rigid and structured procedure which has evolved during the last one hundred years. The training is significantly less abusive toward the dogs than when it started, but nonetheless equally as rigid. While in the past, the majority of the Schutzhund training that took place was based on a handful of manuals and programs, today there are many DVDs and movies that aid dog owners begin the training procedure.

The actual training will test a dog in lots of specific behaviors which might be ideal for police work, including monitoring, sniffing, defense, and retrieving. Most Schutzhund dog coaching will commence when the dog is a few weeks oldd and will last for weeks or months. It is to make sure the dog is suited to the job.

The Essence of Schutzhund

There are several various facets of Schutzhund training. The training course you use will even depend upon which videos or obedience plan you prescribe to. Most Schutzhund courses will focus on the following, however:

Clicker Coaching – Not all Schutzhund trainers will use clickers, however it is considered an almost universal approach that works extremely well with German Shepherds as well as other Schutzhunds. Training with a clicker needs to be started at a very young age – about ten weeks.

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Obedience – Simple obedience training is the first true test in Schutzhund dog training. There are 10-11 basic obedience commands employed in most programs. These include “focus and attention”, “sit, down and stand”, front, pointing out an object, targeting, heel positioning, heeling, retrieving, jumping, motion exercises, and “go out”. Full completion needs mastery of all eleven coaching points.

Tracking - Training dogs to track distinct objects, incluuding drugs, bombs, and cadavers, will likely be trained exclusively in tracking methods. Using the “targeting” and “pointing out an object” obedience cues, Schutzhund canine training will train the dog to recognize the precise scent of their target after which to go after until called off.

Safety - These dogs could be skilled to guard, as is the scenario with police dogs, assault dogs, and guard dogs. They are skilled with specific instructions to both identify a threat and attack that threat. On the other hand, they can be trained to safeguard a particular object or individual without commands.

The essence of Schutzhund: it is dog with extremely particular list of expertise that are able to complete a given task quickly and effectively.

If you’re considering using Schutzhund to coach your own dog, make sure you research different training programs based on their successrate and also the underlying philosophies used.

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