Barking Dogs and how to Stop the Barking

Barking Dogs and How to Stop the Barking

If you’ve decided it is time to stop barking dogs in your house, you most likely know that there only a few things you can to do about this problem. After all, dogs are born to bark. Regardless of breeding and refinement over the last several millennia, they nevertheless have that urgent desire to vocalize their feelings and wants. Actually, there is only one breed of dog – the Basenji – that does not bark at all.

So, just before you’ll be able to stop barking dogs, you need to understand why they bark and what forms of barking you are able to stop.

The Causes of Dog Barking

Dogs bark for any number of reasons. They bark when they are angry. They bark once they are excited. They even bark once they are scared. Here are a rundown of the kinds of dog’s barking:

Territorial Barking
Alarm Barking
Attention Seeking Barking
Greeting Barking
Frustration Barking
Compulsive Barking
Injury or Illness Related Barking

As you can see, barking is a major part of who your dog is. It is impossible to stop barking dogs completely. They’re going to to express themselves at times, regardless of what you do to inhibit their behaviors.

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How to Quit Barking Dogs

When your dog refuses to stop barking, first determine if the behaviour is warranted. Nine times out of ten, it’s excessive and may be controlled. Should you determine that your dog’s barking can and ought to be controlled, ask yourself these questions.

When does the dog bark?
What exactly is the dog barking at?
Does the dog have a specific trigger?

Should you determine that your dog is barking because it wants to safeguard its territory or is simply alarmed by something, you cannot simply yell at your dog to quit. In reality, negative reinforcement for territorial barking can usually lead to biting or aggression in other types. Your dog does not understand what you’re attempting to tell them. They stop the barking, but the territorial issues are still there.

Rather, you’ll need to create a situation in which your dog will not feel that territorial urge to defend itself. This begins by taking control of the household. Be the alpha leader of the pack and show the dog that you are the one in charge of protecting that space. Secondly, you can decrease the dog’s capacity to determine those incursive threats to its territory. Draw your blinds so he cannot see the mailman, get an opaque fence so they can’t see outside the yard, and make certain they do not have open access towards the windows at any time.

Stop Barking Dogs with Anxiousness

If your dog has anxiousness issues, the barking is most likely a symptom of something much higher. They wish to reach you and will continuously bark till you return. Most of the time, this is because you have rewarded them for this behavior in the past. Once you return home and they’re excited, you immediately give them attention. Rather than rewarding them in this instance, you need to ignore your dog for as long as 10-15 minutes so they stop associating your return with attention.

Lastly, to stop barking dogs, you need to teach your dog the best way to speak and be quiet. By creating a command that allows you to controll the behavior, your dog will discover to control the barking when it really is not essential. A benefit of this is that, if there is an intruder or something you want your dog to bark at, they will alert you.

Dog barking doesn’t have to be the bane of the community that it has become. Learn to control it early and you will never need to be concerned about the neighbours banging down your door each day when you get home.