Clicker Dog Training

Clicker Dog Training

No matter what kind of dog you’ve, clicker training is amongst the most effective and impressive methods for controlling and dictating a dog’s behaviour when attempting to train them basic commands. It will take very tiny time to grasp clicker coaching and using a well operated clicker.

How Clicker Training Works

The idea at the behind of clicker coaching is the fact that you’re teaching your dog to associate the sound of the clicker – a strong, sharp sound that they can hear from 20+ yards away – using a particular command you give. The aim in the coaching would be to mark specific desirableg behavior and then reward it with the sound in the clicker.

Needless to say clicker dog training doesn’t start with a clicker. You have to first educate your dog that the clicker is a reward for good behaviors. This can be carried out with a bag of treats and a simple clicker from your local pet store.

It is crucial that you use a clicker in this instance for number of causes. To begin with, a dog will never listen to that clicker for just about any reason other than to tell them they did a good job and that a treat is on the way.

How Clicker Dog Training is Done

Once you begin training your dog to respond into a clicker, you will find three very basic steps. First, you’ll get the behavior – convincing your dog to perform something that you want. It could be sitting, talking, rolling over, or whatever other tricks you are attempting to train. Once you’ve gotten them to execute their behavior, mark it with all the clicker and a reward.

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It will usually take two or three markings just before a dog learns what the behavior they did was and begins repeating it when you click the clicker. Clicker dog training works welly since they will instantly reply, allowing you to reward them and immediately. A verbal command will just take time for you to get through.

Once the dog has done the behavior and obtained their reward, proceed doing it to bolster the behavior as much as possible. You do not have to use treats each and every time. Praise and petting work just as well and can eventually change the behavior.

Transitioning to a Command

As soon as the dog has learned the behavior properly, clicker dog training can have you transition to some spoken command that may be used anywhere, even if you do not have a clicker. Whenever you are about to use the clicker, say the command and after that click, followed by the reward. The dog will swiftly figure out how to associate all of these.

At some point, with good clicker training, a dog will reply to a verbal cue and praise for their action and simply learn it. The need for treats or praise will be gone and the dog will merely know that the action pleases you.

As you may think, clicker training has a lot of uses. It can make coaching your dog a lot easier in many ways. With a simple, sharp command, you are able to mark and reinforce practically any behavior.