Mastiff Training

Mastiff Training

You need a big dog? Then the Mastiff is right for you. But without good training your Mastiff is going to be a giant, runaway brick of muscle and dog slobber. So, Mastiff training should be in the top of your list when you bring your puppy home for the first time.

Luckily, Mastiffs, like many large dogs, are highly susceptible to training and are eager to please their masters. But, the training need to start early and you have to remain constant throughout the training process to make sure they do work.

What Makes Mastiffs Special

Mastiff training is different in several key steps. First, know that Mastiffs are generally very calm, relaxed dogs. But they require a great deal of physical exercise. so keep them busy as much as you can.

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They also require to have constant, regular companionship to remain even-tempered as they age. None of the training will work if you are never homewith them majority of the time. Actually, they need socialization a lot more than most other breeds.

Lastly, be sure you are patient and have a great deal of time. Mastiffs like to make you happy but they can be a bit stubborn and very big, so training won’t be a walk in the park.

Mastiff Training Basics

To start your coaching, ensure your mastiff puppy stays with his motherat least eight weeks. With a dog so huge and such a cautiously balanced temperament, it’s crucial to make certain he gets the socialization that a litter offers at a young age.

As he ages, you have maintain the socialization. Someone should be home with the mastiff puppy every day for at least three months of age and at the same time they ought to be socialized with other dogs as much as possible.

Stay away from training your mastiff to be a guard dog. Their temperament isn’t easily controlled if they start to watch for threats. Their mere size should be sufficient enough tointimidate possible intruders.

Mastiff Coaching for Obedience

Obedience coaching using a Mastiff is simple and easy. It begins at a young age, generally around 10-14 weeks when the puppy has been housebroken and knows its location within the household. Make sure that you are not aggressive or violent with a Mastiff either, it may react violently.

Simply because most mastiffs will not be carrying out a great deal of tricks and are relatively relaxed, the most important things you are able to teach them are to sit and stay and to walk on a leash. It’s also an excellent idea to teach them not to chase things as it may be difficult to keep such a huge dog under control.

With Mastiff, basic training techniques work extremely well, but you may need a bit more practice and patience on your part to enforce in them. Be sure you keep your Mastiff socialized with a large family, neighbors or perhaps a neighborhood dog park.