Stop Puppy Chewing

Stop Puppy Chewing

If you are attempting to stop puppy or dog chewing, you ought to first understand that chewing is an extremely normal and expected behavior of the puppy. They are going to chew on things, either because they are bored or they are teething. Our job is not to make them chewing on things but actually redirecting it. You have to create enough things for your dog to do so they do not chew up your carpet, slippers, or couch cushions.

Why to stop Puppy Chewing

Whenever a dog is young, many people think that they can allow the dog to continue chewing on whatever they want. It is natural, right? In reality, you have to show the dog that chewing on your items is not alright and they can find plenty of alternatives.

How you can Stop Puppy Chewing

When it comes to stop your puppy’s chewing behaviors, there are a few things you can do. To begin with, don’t scold your dog or hit them for any reason. Regardless of how angry you get, make sure you don’t direct it at the dog. it confuses them and it is also inhumane.

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Behaviour Adjustment – Instead of simply wanting to stop your pup from chewing on your items, teach it to chew on the right items. When you catch your puppy chewing on the slipper, get the puppy’s toy, replace it after which praise the dog when it commences chewing onthe new toy. This will train your puppy which the new item is good and the old one isn’t.

Keep Your Puppy Busy – To stop puppy chewing, you should keep them from getting too bored. Even if not teething, a pup will chew on things to help them be active. Stay away from this by getting them lots of exercise and playing when you’re home. When you are not home make certain that there are stimulating toys that will keep them busy.

Crate Coaching – If your dog gets into your items when you’re not home, crate train them so that they have limited access of the home. You can even keep your puppy inside a single room when you are out to restrict their entry, nevertheless the goal here is the same.

Aversion Sprays – To prevent dogs chewing of things such as carpet or couch cushions, which they’re able to actively damage, use a safe, humane spray like Bitter Apple or Cayenne Pepper that doesn’t taste good to them. They will rapidly associate those items having a bad flavor that can keep them from chewing.

Being Constant

If you truly wish to stop pet chewing, make sure you are consistent in all your actions. Never allow your dog chew on a slipper or perhaps a sock if you want them to leave your clothing around. Never permit them have a very stuffed animal like a toy and then count on them to learn which stuffed animals are not right to chew on. As the owner, lay down strict rules and follow them. Your dog will understand quickly enough and also the chewing will be far significantly less of a problem.